Download your digital library from Vudu, Amazon, etc

Do you ever feel like you would like to own what you own? Here’s how to download your digital library

Do you ever feel like you would like to own what you own? Everything digital nowadays is locked in the cloud or to an app connected to some kind of digital eco-system with drm or just plain stupidity, here’s a solution. I stumbled over the service some time ago and thought it sounded just a little too good to be true and since it cost 60 bucks it felt like a pretty big investment for something I felt unsure about. However, during the Christmas holidays this year they had special deal for a life time subscription for $39 so I felt like trying it out.

The solution: – How does it work?

The playon media server software needs to be installed on a windows computer. They show off tons of devices in their “compatibilty list” but those are just for the client.

To download the media center, you first need to create an account here, after you have created an account you click download in the top left and just install the software (again, on a windows computer, or in my case virtual windows computer). After installation you just add the channels you want, like vudu, or amazon instant video for example, enter your account info and bam, you have access to your content.

How to download

Just browse through the content you own in the main app and click “record” and it’ll record it to your hard drive. It takes a fair while but it records in highest available quality so it’s pretty great. You can also change where the recorded media goes in settings (far down left in the main app) and send it straight to your Plex Media Center Library =)

edit: a “minor” bug. If your connection get dropped during a recording or your computer glitches, goes to sleep or whatever, there is a risk that the recording gets all jumbled up. Like for example, it might start in the middle of the movie and half the movie goes dark with just sound. So it’s not perfect, but heck, what is..

disclaimer: If nothing works and you loose your money, friends precious time, your sanity or anything else, I will not be held responsible. I’m just saying something because I like saying things. Oh and by the way, I’m not suggesting you do anything illegal, that would be insane.
And don’t do drugs.

Install Android 5 Lollipop on Samsung i9100 SGS2

Install Android 5 Lollipop on Samsung i9100 SGS2. I’m currently using Cyanogenmod 12 by Lysergic ..


It works well, the only thing not working yet is HD video recording so if you are super into that, you should wait. I’m currently using Cyanogenmod 12 by Lysergic and the most important things for me are working gps and that it’s fast. Gps works fine. It can be a bit sluggish at times but I’m okay with it, but I would recommend that you use something like clean master to keep apps from starting automatically at boot.
The install is easy. Here are the steps:

1. Root
Make sure you’re phone is rooted. If not, follow step 1 here

2. Download “Rom”.zip and Gapps to your phone
There are to date already a few roms out there. I would currently recommend either:
Cyanogenmod beta by Lysergic or
Resurrection Remix
I usually go with the Nano-Package Gapps from Paranoid Android here but I also suggest that you check the recommended Gapps package according to the author of the rom you choose.

3. Kitkat compatible recovery
Make sure you have a kitkat compatible recovery. If not follow step 3 here

4. Factory reset (*recommended)
Boot up in recovery (hold Vol-Up + Menu + Power simultaneously)
Select wipe data/factory reset. But make sure you have all your files you don’t want to loose, backed up. This WILL erase most files on your phone if not all.
*you should. If you already have an aosp based rom with android 4.4.x installed it can work anyway but I would highly recommend a factory reset to minimize the risk of issues.

5. Install Rom
Select Install zip and choose your “” file first. and chose Yes. After you have done this, install the Gapps file you downloaded as well.

disclaimer: if something broke, it’s your fault.

Fix the “Insufficient storage space” error message – Android

I got this error message when trying to install Viber on my phone. A 20 mb application would not install even though I had 3 gb of free space on my phone. This issue can sometimes happen if your app cache is full but that wasn’t the case this time. If you haven’t tried that yet, you should do that first.

First option
Install an app cache cleaner from play, rinse the cache and you should be good. But not this time.

Providing you have sufficient storage on your device, you have rinsed your cache and even freed up even more space than required and it still doesn’t work. There’s one more step you can take that worked for me. You have to have a rooted phone for it to work.

Last option
Open a file explorer with root permissions. Go to the root (/) folder of your phone and search for the app you are failing to install. I searched for viber. I found a few random files and just deleted them. But be cautious so you don’t delete anything important. For some reason, viber had left some files on my phone while failing to install the first time and they never got removed. After deleting them, I was able to install viber.