Connect to vpn (pptp) through OpenWrt

Setup your OpenWrt router with a vpn-service. pptp, Strongvpn.

Using a vpn service is a great way of surfing the web anonymous or getting an ipadress from another country to access local sites and such.
I’ve used a couple of different vpn services like, and but I’m sure this works with other services as well. This is how I set it up with OpenWrt and It’s actually quite simple.

First off you need to install OpenWrt on your router. Check for supported devices. There are several guides for this so I won’t go in to it, you can check this link. So lets say you have openwrt installed. Follow the steps below to get your vpn service up and running.

1. Connect and login to your router (usually if you haven’t changed it)
2. Go to System -> Software and click “Update list”Update package list3. Open the tab “Available packages” and search for luci-proto-pptp, click “install”
If everything goes well the last line under actions should be “configuring luci-proto-pptp”

Search and install package luci-proto-pptp4. Go to Network -> Interfaces and click “Add new interface”

Add interface 5. Choose a name for your interface. In this example we will go with “strongvpn“. Choose pptp as protocol of the new interface and submit.

create pptp interface

6. Fill out the fields with the appropriate connection information you need for your service as in the example below. Click “Save and Apply”Connection details

7. The vpn connection should now connect by itself. If the connection works you should se something like this. If it doesn’t connect, try “Advanced settings” and uncheck “enable buffering”. pptp connected

8. If all is well you should now have trouble surfing the web but don’t worry. You need to assign the interface to a firewall zone to make the connection work. Click “Firewall Settings” and check “wan”, Save & ApplyAssign firewall zone "wan"

All done! The connection should now work. To see if your ipadress and “location” has changed you can check or