Arq Backup – great and diverse backup software

Backup anything to any cloud service or sftp of your choosing. Great application worth every single penny.


I don’t often buy software since there are so many free and open source alternatives to most things I need. And when it comes to backup solutions, there’s not exactly a lack of alternatives there either. However, I tried Arq backup a few months back and felt it worthy of a review.

What’s great about Arq is that it allows you to back up your data to most any cloud service or secure FTP of your choosing. And it stores your encryption key on your computer so no backup service ever has access to your stuff. That means you can’t just ask your backup service for help and they’ll fix it for you, you actually have to keep track of your keys your self. Which is a good thing I might add. I don’t really like the idea of giving all my credentials away to someone else to handle.

The Arq team, recently updated the software to version 5 which added a whole bunch of interesting and great features. Since I have my files on both my computer and spread out on network drives. Arq let’s me run a script before and/or after the backup. So I can easily create a script that checks if the network drives are mounted and if not, mount them before running the backup.
Below is the code btw for anyone who needs it. Just code and save it as (you might need to change permissions and make it executable). Add that to the settings of your backup.

osascript <<EOD
tell application "Finder"
if not (disk "VolumeName" exists) then
mount volume "cifs://ServerName/VolumeName"
end if
end tell



At the moment I’m running my backup to Amazon Cloud Drive which gives me unlimited space for 60$/year. Adding to that a one time fee for Arq really felt worth it to me. When you purchase Arq they give you the opportunity to pay an extra fee for lifetime upgrades which gives you access to all future versions of the software. So it really is a one time fee.

I am btw not affiliated with Arq more than the fact that I’m a paying customer, I just though the app was great and the customer service is top class and worthy of a review. I’m hoping they stay in business a long time because I wish to keep getting amazing updates =)

So if you’re looking for a backup program, Arq is great and you can get a 30 day trial and usually a trial at most cloud services like Google cloud services or Amazon as well, so it’s free to try. And it works in both Windows and OSX which is great too. Hopefully they’ll add support for Linux systems as well. I’d love to run this on my Raspberry Pi.

Download your digital library from Vudu, Amazon, etc

Do you ever feel like you would like to own what you own? Here’s how to download your digital library

Do you ever feel like you would like to own what you own? Everything digital nowadays is locked in the cloud or to an app connected to some kind of digital eco-system with drm or just plain stupidity, here’s a solution. I stumbled over the service some time ago and thought it sounded just a little too good to be true and since it cost 60 bucks it felt like a pretty big investment for something I felt unsure about. However, during the Christmas holidays this year they had special deal for a life time subscription for $39 so I felt like trying it out.

The solution: – How does it work?

The playon media server software needs to be installed on a windows computer. They show off tons of devices in their “compatibilty list” but those are just for the client.

To download the media center, you first need to create an account here, after you have created an account you click download in the top left and just install the software (again, on a windows computer, or in my case virtual windows computer). After installation you just add the channels you want, like vudu, or amazon instant video for example, enter your account info and bam, you have access to your content.

How to download

Just browse through the content you own in the main app and click “record” and it’ll record it to your hard drive. It takes a fair while but it records in highest available quality so it’s pretty great. You can also change where the recorded media goes in settings (far down left in the main app) and send it straight to your Plex Media Center Library =)

edit: a “minor” bug. If your connection get dropped during a recording or your computer glitches, goes to sleep or whatever, there is a risk that the recording gets all jumbled up. Like for example, it might start in the middle of the movie and half the movie goes dark with just sound. So it’s not perfect, but heck, what is..

disclaimer: If nothing works and you loose your money, friends precious time, your sanity or anything else, I will not be held responsible. I’m just saying something because I like saying things. Oh and by the way, I’m not suggesting you do anything illegal, that would be insane.
And don’t do drugs.

NTFS Write permissions, OS X Lion

Hur gör man för att få NTFS skrivrättigheter i Mac Os X Lion?
Nedan följer 2 enkla sätt att lösa det på..

After my upgrade to OS X Lion my ntfs volume was no longer writable. I checked my old ntfs-3g installation and it was still running but not working. So I started looking for an explanation. Ntfs-3g wasn’t developed for Lion so it seemed the only option was to buy a third party program. After some searching I found a relatively easy free option. I’ve sorted out the only part you’ll be needing to get this working, a couple of download links. Here are two different options.

1. Costs 
Buy Tuxera NTFS for Mac from Tuxera or NTFS for Mac® from Paragon. They both cost a little under 20$ at the time of writing and they both have trial versions so you can try them out before buying.

2. Free
There were a couple of free options earlier like NTFS-3g which now has the payed option Tuxera NTFS for Mac but they decided to stop developing the free versions. The old free versions are still free though so if you don’t have the money, here’s an easy workaround. Just download the three free programs below and install them in the same order, restart your computer and you should be good to go.

As usual, this worked for me. If you break something, it’s not my fault.


– developer Tuxera


– developer mechie


– developer  bfleisher