Black Menu bar in OS X Mavericks and replace the Icons

I installed the “Obsidian Menu Bar” for OS X Mavericks which makes the menubar black. How to use it is simple, just download and install. It’s smart, easy and looks good. But it  doesn’t by default make the application icons in the menu bar white. But you can change them and it’s pretty simple. The Obsidian package comes with a bunch of application icons so I’ll go with how to change the dropbox icon since it’s pretty common but the same goes for all applications. The steps Open Finder and go to the Applications folder. Once you’ve found Dropbox, right click (CTRL + Click) and choose “Show Package Contents” showpackagecontent
The icons are located in Contents / Resources folder. To be sure you can restore the default icons later I would suggest that you create a “Iconbackup” folder somewhere and copy all the .tiff files to that folder. The easiest way to do that is to sort the files by “Kind” to to gather all the icon files in the same place. Then you can just select them and copy them to a folder of your choice
Once that is done you can copy all the files from the the downloaded Obsidian folder in “Installer Content / Applications / Dropbox/”
Paste them into the Dropbox Resources folder you opened earlier and Choose “Replace all”. After that is done you only need to restart dropbox and the white icons will appear. Voila!

What if I use an application that’s not included in the Obsidian folders?
I’m glad you asked. Many times the company will provide original icons in many different versions on their homepage. But if they don’t, you can make your own icons. To find out which icons you need you can open the resource folder of the application like I showed earlier. I might go over how to create and edit .icns files another day.

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