Install Android 5 Lollipop on Samsung i9100 SGS2


It works well, the only thing not working yet is HD video recording so if you are super into that, you should wait. I’m currently using Cyanogenmod 12 by Lysergic and the most important things for me are working gps and that it’s fast. Gps works fine. It can be a bit sluggish at times but I’m okay with it, but I would recommend that you use something like clean master to keep apps from starting automatically at boot.
The install is easy. Here are the steps:

1. Root
Make sure you’re phone is rooted. If not, follow step 1 here

2. Download “Rom”.zip and Gapps to your phone
There are to date already a few roms out there. I would currently recommend either:
Cyanogenmod beta by Lysergic or
Resurrection Remix
I usually go with the Nano-Package Gapps from Paranoid Android here but I also suggest that you check the recommended Gapps package according to the author of the rom you choose.

3. Kitkat compatible recovery
Make sure you have a kitkat compatible recovery. If not follow step 3 here

4. Factory reset (*recommended)
Boot up in recovery (hold Vol-Up + Menu + Power simultaneously)
Select wipe data/factory reset. But make sure you have all your files you don’t want to loose, backed up. This WILL erase most files on your phone if not all.
*you should. If you already have an aosp based rom with android 4.4.x installed it can work anyway but I would highly recommend a factory reset to minimize the risk of issues.

5. Install Rom
Select Install zip and choose your “” file first. and chose Yes. After you have done this, install the Gapps file you downloaded as well.

disclaimer: if something broke, it’s your fault.

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