NTFS Write permissions, OS X Lion

After my upgrade to OS X Lion my ntfs volume was no longer writable. I checked my old ntfs-3g installation and it was still running but not working. So I started looking for an explanation. Ntfs-3g wasn’t developed for Lion so it seemed the only option was to buy a third party program. After some searching I found a relatively easy free option. I’ve sorted out the only part you’ll be needing to get this working, a couple of download links. Here are two different options.

1. Costs 
Buy Tuxera NTFS for Mac from Tuxera or NTFS for Mac® from Paragon. They both cost a little under 20$ at the time of writing and they both have trial versions so you can try them out before buying.

2. Free
There were a couple of free options earlier like NTFS-3g which now has the payed option Tuxera NTFS for Mac but they decided to stop developing the free versions. The old free versions are still free though so if you don’t have the money, here’s an easy workaround. Just download the three free programs below and install them in the same order, restart your computer and you should be good to go.

As usual, this worked for me. If you break something, it’s not my fault. I had download links to the files previously but they kept changing so I eventually just left the names below, you should be able to google them.

  1. MacFUSE-Tuxera-2.2.dmg
  2. Ntfs3g by Tuxera https://github.com/tuxera/ntfs-3g/
  3. Fuse Wait by bfleisher






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