Root and install Kitkat on Samsung Galaxy s2 i9100 – without a computer


If you own a Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 and haven’t already rooted it. First of all, wow, you really are patient. But by now, you have probably guessed that Samsung has deserted you and won’t bring any more updates to your phone. I like my phone a lot and the hardware still competes with new phones so there’s no reason to buy a new phone yet! Bring out the enviromentalist in you and keep your electronics a little longer!

1. Root
2. Download all files to your phone
3. Install Recovery
4. Factory erase phone
5. Install your flavor of Kitkat Rom.
1. Root – Framaroot
You’re going to need the “one click root” app framaroot. Scroll down and download the latest version. Just make sure your device is on the list of compatible devices.

It’s now ridiculously easy thanks to framaroot. Open framaroot on your phone and choose that you want to root your phone and  Install SuperSU as the action after root. There are at the time of writing, three modes available. Try them until you find one that works. For me Aragorn worked every time. If it doesn’t work, you won’t be able to continue with the next steps. Try my old manual on how to root sgs2. It should still be relatively accurate.

Alright, let’s say you’re Rooted, reboot your phone and go on to the next step.

2. Download all files to your phone

Install Rom Manager from Google play
Rom manager

Download CWM Recovery (Kitkat Compatible)

Download your flavor of Kitkat Rom and Gapps.
I have tried a multitude of different roms out there and as of now my favorite is Resurrection Remix. 3 main reasons. It’s stable, Gps works well MMS works well.
If you want this rom, head over here Resurrection Remix – XDA. Scroll down to the download section and download the latest versions available. Make sure you have both the Rom and Gapps (I use the light version of gapps. You can install the other apps from Play if there’s something your missing anyway)

3. Install Recovery
First you need to install just a normal recovery. I usually do it through Rom Manager.
open rom manager which you have already installed. And click Flash ClockworkMod Recovery. If it doesn’t choose phone version for you, choose galaxys2. I never choose i9100. I’m not sure why there are two versions but galaxys2 always works for me.

When you are done, turn your phone of. Start it up by simultaneously holding the vol-up, menu and power button. You should see a cute android spinning with things in his stomach and then you should find yourself in recovery mode.

Navigate with vol-up and vol-down and select with the power button. Choose Install zip.
> Choose zip from /storage/sdcard0 (or whatever option you have where you can find  your downloads)
Select your and choose Yes. After you’re done. Turn your phone of and start it into recovery mode again like you did earlier.

4. Factory reset
Select wipe data/factory reset. Make sure you have all your files you don’t want to loose, backed up. This WILL erase most files on your phone if not all.

5. Install Kitkat Rom
Now you’re ready to install your rom. Select Install zip and choose your “” file first. and chose Yes. After you have done this, install the Gapps file you downloaded as well.

Now reboot your phone and you should be done!

Downloads in case you’re confused.
1.  framaroot
2. Rom manager
3. CWM-Recovery-Kitkat-Compatible-i9100
4.  Resurrection Remix – XDA and Gapps.

IMPORTANT – Only if you get a signature verification issue
If you get issues with signature verification regarding CWM recovery. Please make sure you check the MD5 Sum of the file so that it hasn’t been corrupted during download. Here’s how to do it.

Download MD5 Sum Checker >here<
And compare to this MD5.

If you want to check the MD5 sum on your computer it fairly simple. For windows there are applications that will do it for you. In Linux or on a Mac you just open a terminal, go to where you have your file and type


press enter and the md5 sum will be displayed.

disclaimer: I’m not responsible for anything ever.


  1. Hi,
    I have galaxy S2 GT-i9100 android 4.1.2 version. By following ur instructions I was able to root my fone. Thanks for that. But I am not able to find the ‘CWM-Recovery-Kitkat-Compatible-i9100’ to download. Please help if I am missing something. I have downloaded framaroot and Rom as per ur instructions and followed all the steps to root. It was successfully rooted. Then I have downloaded 2 zip files ‘’ , ‘’.
    And I find another zip file ‘’ I am not sure if this is the file I need to complete installing kitkat in my S2…!!
    Any urgent Help is appriciated please.

    • Hey! Thanks for stopping by! The file had mistakenly been removed but it should be working now. You probably won’t need neither the keyguard nor the content-mapping. The other files seem correct. Happy flashing!

        • Ok, sorry to hear you have trouble. The signatures should be okay. Which zip does it complain about? Redownload that zip. If I know the zip is okay I would “toggle signature verification” before install, in recovery mode. You should see the setting is in recovery. That will disable the signature check. However if the file itself is corrup, it’s not a good Idea. Make sure you have downloaded them correctly so the the files aren’t incomplete/partly downloaded or something like that.

          • This time I tried and downloaded ‘CWM-Recovery-Kitkat-Compatible-i9100’ and opened it in Rom Manager. There was an option to open reboot and install. I clicked that it went in there just for 3 seconds it was installing then the screen became black. Now I cant see anything except the battery charging screen and when I try to switch-on the phone it shows only ‘Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100’ then black screen.
            What does this mean? Please help

          • If the installation of cwm succeeded you should be able to boot into recovery again as explained in the post. Then you should be able to wipe first and then install the rom and gapps package. I presume that your phone is backed up? Btw, unplug you phone from the charger before trying to boot into recovery (it can be tricky to get the timing right when plugged in). Cheers!

  2. I am in revocery mode ‘cwm-based recovery v6.0.4.5’.
    I have had enabled that toggle signature vrification and continued to installing zip files.
    I installed ‘CWM-Recovery-Kitkat-Compatible-i9100’ and then‘’. And then I clicked reboot system now. But my phone doesn’t start.
    I am able to come in cwm-based recovery v6.0.4.5. So I then remembered to isntall the last file ‘’ I installed it. And reboot system again. But my phone Gain dpesn’t start.
    I am confuse

  3. Am sorry David. It was my mistake, I had not downloaded Rom file. So when my phone wasn’t getting on. I removed the sd card and connected to the computer and then saved Rom zip file in sd card from there. Then I inserted the sd card back in my phone. And followed all the procedures again. I am so glad it had made my phone superb with android kitkat 4.4.2 i am so glad to get all the procedures right. Thank you so much for ur kindest support.

    • Hi! I’m glad it worked out for you, sorry I was unable to respond for a couple of, but you figured it out anyway! Now that you know the procedures you can test around other roms as well. Happy flashing!

  4. Hi sr david…im trying to flashed my s2.but when im trying on CWM-Recovery-Kitkat-Compatible-i9100 to install it says E: verifction signatre failed.can i undergo to the next step?

    • Hey rix. Signature verification can be disabled in cwm. But the signature should be fine so my guess is that the file is incomplete. I would suggest that you re-download the file and try again.

        • Hi rix.
          First double check that your phone really is rooted. If not, you won’t be able to flash anything.

          I’ve used the CWM file myself and it should be fine. If for some reason the file becomes corrupt during your download you can try and download it to your computer first and move it to your phone. If the file is intact, the signature really should be ok.
          I’m not going to suggest that you disable signature verification but it is possible if you want to try it, however, it probably won’t work. And if it’s not rooted there’s no way to disable signature verification anyway..

  5. Hi Binu, sorry for late reply. If you already are rooted it shouldn’t be a problem to update with any of the latest releases of, for example, Cyanogen Mod. And if you are already rooted you should be able to boot into recovery mode and flash a rom from there. Good luck!

  6. If you are rooted but haven’t flashed a new recovery you have to do that first. Work your way down from step 2 in the description above. It should work. If it doesn’t work, you might not be properly rooted.. So I would start there.

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