Yoda Word Count for OSX

This is a tool you can install as an apple service which will let you count words and characters in any application (most applications).

The other day I was filling out an online form. Like ever so often this form had a character limit of 500 characters.

However, to my dismay, there was no character count! You’d think there would be a 255/500 characters -notification below but they seemed to have forgotten about that. So I wrote my message and tried to send it only to get hit with an error telling me I had written too many characters, the site reloaded and my message disappeared. You can only imagine the frustration.

So I devised a plan and decided to use the force. So here comes “Yoda Word Count”

To install the service, just download it, double click and install to services and Yoda will be accessible from most applications services menu, like the picture below.



Yoda Word Count


Downloads can be slow at times, don’t worry.
And btw, this tool was created for fun, I won’t be held liable if something breaks or if you loose your job as a result of fidgeting.

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